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Welcome to MirrorMe

My, what a ruffly shirt you have on!

This is a Chelsea.

Head tilting is fun!

This is a Chelsea up close.

Whoa, those are some crazy eyes!

This is a Chelsea making a weird face.

Et tu, ceiling cat?

This is a Chelsea who is skeptical.

Fish face.

This is a Chelsea pursing her lips.


And this is a Chelsea looking normal, for her.

So, this is my first post. Hello, and welcome to MirrorMe, my new photoblog. My name is Chelsea, as you may have guessed, and I am 24 years old. I have a bachelor’s degree in Music Performance, and when I grow up I’m going to be an opera singer (no, really). In the meantime, I amuse myself by reading, playing video games, knitting, obsessing over dolls, and watching silly movies.

But enough about me, on to the blog itself. This blog is a yearlong project I am undertaking, because I want to. The premise is simple. Every day, I take a picture, and post it. Then I talk about stuff. Sometimes I’ll talk about the picture. Sometimes I’ll talk about what happened that day. Sometimes I’ll get really crazy and talk about my life experiences/social attitudes/gender identity/body politics/insert other hot topic here. It all depends on how I feel on any given day. But even if I feel totally blah and not wanting to write anything much, I will post a picture of myself. Because it wouldn’t be a project if there wasn’t some challenge to it.

I’ve started this project for a few different reasons. One, I like taking pictures. I sometimes like how I look. Wouldn’t it be great if I started liking how I looked all the time, even if I’ve just gotten out of bed and my hair is a bird’s nest and I’m squinty-eyed? Two, I want to share myself with the world. I find it’s easier to do that when people can connect to you on a visual level, and I like to talk, so a photoblog seemed like a good idea. Three, I’m unemployed (for the moment) and have nothing better to do with my time except play video games, and at least blogging requires some brain activity (slashing the shit out of darkspawn doesn’t, really).

There are a couple other things you should know about me. I’m a proponent of Fat/Size Acceptance. That’s part of the reason I’m doing this as well, because I think it will help further my goal of seeing my body as an interesting and worthwhile thing to behold, rather than something negative. If you are unfamiliar with the Size Acceptance movement, please feel free to go here or here, or alternately, read this or this. All four are good starting points. And if you want to tell me what a fat pig I am, feel free, but no one will read it because all comments are moderated. *Smile* And I’m not bothered by trolls, so reading it will only make me giggle.

Another thing you should know is that all photos on this blog will be, at most, rated PG-13. There will never be any full frontal nudity, pornography, or anything more shocking than, perhaps, me in a bra (and I’m still on the fence about that one). This is because, for one thing, my family could find this blog (especially my mother). For another, I don’t really want to show off my girly bits to the entire internet (especially not for free). The blog itself, however, should probably be rated R, because I like to swear. I don’t do it all the time, but certain subjects get me really riled up, and I’ll drop the f-bomb fairly regularly. If that offends you, you should probably go find another blog, or just look at the pictures and ignore the text.

One last thing. I’m sure some of you are reading this and thinking “well, isn’t taking pictures of yourself every day for a year pretty narcissistic?” One could argue that, yes. However, one could also argue that the act of blogging itself is an act of narcissism. In fact, one could argue that there’s nothing remotely redeeming about blogging in general. Personally, I like to think of it as “elevated self-confidence”. Not to mention, if I don’t provide a voice for the overly self-confident, fat, future opera singers of the world, who will?

Well, aside from Stephanie Blythe. ;D


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