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Hot Stuff

Gaming is fun!

This is generally what I look like while playing video games.

Lego Star Wars FTW!

This is my shoulder and back while sitting in the chair.

Today my friends came over again and we actually did go job hunting. And then to a job fair, which was good. It was just for one specific company, but there were tables for each division of the company. And we walked around and gave our resumes out and such, so it was pretty good. The downside was that it was REALLY hot out, and we had to park pretty far away from the building it was in, and my friend’s car doesn’t have air conditioning, so by the time we got there I was miserably hot and sweaty, and it got worse when we walked back. x.x We got pizza again because getting my friends to agree to anything besides pizza is practically impossible, but it was really cheap pizza, so worry not for my wallet. Anyway, these pictures are what I look like when I’m hot, sweaty and playing video games. Also you get some more idea of what a disaster area my apartment still looks like. We were playing Lego Star Wars II on the Gamecube, which is kinda fun but also frustrating (I started shouting “fucking hell!” at the TV because it glitched and wouldn’t let us continue).

Eventually my friends left and I decided to have a beer to reward myself after such a hot and sweaty day. And that’s all for now.

Bonus picture: My friend took this with her cell, hence the low quality, but this is a fairly common sight in my house. That is my kitty, Senesino, but I call him Sen for short. He’s named that because he’s a castrato cat. I don’t mean he was fixed, as any pets should be, but rather that he had his little penis cut off as a kitten because he had a bad infection in that area, and now pees out of a hole like a female cat. Senesino is the name of a famous castrato from the 18th century. Well, I AM an opera singer.

He is pretty comfy.

I was just resting my eyes, I swear.


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