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Off Day

This is me, having melted in the heat.

Here I am showing off my crazy pigtails!

They're crazy!

Today I feel a little off. Not emotionally, I feel fine emotionally, just having trouble coming up with a good blogging topic. Also I’ve been hanging out with a friend most of the day (well actually a lot of her purpose in coming was to help me pack up some things I’m selling online so I could take them to the post office and see what the shipping will cost). We also stopped by a clothing store (Lane Bryant) and found me some extra work pants, which is good (and a really cute but professional black skirt for $18!).

Yesterday my mother linked me to woot.com and they had a camera on sale for $80 including shipping. It’s not amazing quality, but it’s not any worse than my 6 year old cybershot, and so I bought it. So sometime in the next week or so I should have a new camera to work with. My doll, Lae, is also coming back to me through the mail this week, as he was sent to a friend (who also has dolls) to have his face painted. And I get a bunch of new music books that are in soprano keys and soprano arias. X3 So that’s also very exciting.

Yeah. Sorry I don’t have something fun/interesting/infuriating to discuss today. I’m just all melted and sleepy. Tomorrow I will probably talk about gaming or something. Expect ridiculous amounts of pictures when Lae comes back as well.


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