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Born Free

Another morning, another me.

I have a really wide tongue.

Lately I’ve been having some trouble getting out of bed in a timely manner, or getting showered and dressed before 3 PM. >.> This makes taking “nice” pictures somewhat difficult, but since my new camera hasn’t arrived yet, I’m still basically relying on my webcam. Thankfully it is a fairly good webcam.

So I have probably mentioned once or twice that I live alone. Obviously I have a cat, and the doll, but there are no other persons living in my space, and I am quite happy about that. I was reading some roommate horror stories on a forum the other day and was reminded exactly why I don’t ever want to live with anyone I don’t know, ever again.

My very first long-term roommate was, like most people, my freshman year of college. She was actually the “cool” one out of all my roommates. Granted, we spent a bit too much time in the same room because she basically never left unless her boyfriend came to visit, but we basically just both put our headphones on and listened to our music and cruised the internet and it was fine. The only sucky thing was that she had severe insomnia, and I felt guilty because I sleep very deeply and often talk in my sleep (or sing, or even shout if it’s a nightmare) which would interfere with the few hours of light sleep she would manage to get. Still, she never got on my case about it, so we lived amicably for that first year of college.

My sophomore year was a bit more problematic. My first semester roommate was… well, she was a very nice girl, but she was one of those Christians who thought if you weren’t Christian, it was her sworn duty to convert you, and she talked about her Bible Study group all the time, and what fun projects they’d done at her church youth group that week, and on and on. I started being unfriendly to her because I don’t take kindly to that kind of behavior (after being told by Fundamentalist Christian kids I was going to hell basically every day in middle school in Missouri), and she ended up moving out at the end of the semester.

Then came the really awful roommate. I don’t remember her name, but this girl was a sorority mess waiting to happen. She had transferred from another school to be in the nursing program, and didn’t seem interested in actual schoolwork at all. I’ve always spent a lot of time in my room, I’m not the type of person to go out very often. Apparently that offended her and her asshole boyfriend, who probably wanted to have sex all the time or something. She actually used my laptop and spied on my internet activities when I wasn’t there, at least until I put a password on it (I know because there’s no other earthly way she could’ve found my LiveJournal, and to this day it’s friends-locked because of the nasty comments she left on it). She was awful, and she finally ended up moving out about halfway through the semester, which was a great big relief to me. After that I had the room to myself, which I was just fine with.

My junior year of college, I was done with dorms, so I spent the next two years living in a one bedroom apartment. It was okay, but it was a basement apartment, which meant I was sick a lot (I’ve always been very allergic to mold) and had the sniffles all the time. Still, it was cozy, if not stylish or always dry (and it had a great view). When I came to the realization that I needed to spend another year in school (for various reasons), I ended up finding a roommate for the last year, mostly because the rent on the one bedroom had become too pricey.

Oh, I forgot to mention the roommate I had for two weeks the summer between sophomore and junior year. I had already settled on moving into the basement apartment in the fall, but I wanted to stay the summer and work and save up some money, so a girl I vaguely knew from school said she needed a new roommate, and I ended up moving in with her. At first it was okay. She was a Mormon, and while she did make some attempts to evangelize me, it wasn’t as overt so I just ignored it. She had a car and I didn’t, so we went shopping a few times. Then, two weeks into our time together, she up and decided she was going to go spend the rest of the summer in Utah. Her parents still paid the rent on the apartment, but she wouldn’t be there. This was kind of a big problem for me, because this apartment was way out of town, nowhere near the grocery store or the campus (where I was working part time), and the buses didn’t run half the times I actually needed them. I ended up begging rides from coworkers half the time because otherwise I would have had to walk home (more than five miles) at midnight. So I was, understandably, more than a little pissed about that. She never apologized or anything either.

My last roommate was, for the most part, a nice girl. Had the backbone of a wet noodle, but she was nice and didn’t try to evangelize me or spy on my computer or anything. She only had a few habits that annoyed me. One, she didn’t know how to wash dishes. She would fill the sink up with water and some soap, then let it drain out and use the (completely useless) bubbles left behind to “wash” her plates and cups. She also never soaked anything, even if it had been sitting on the counter for a day or two. I dunno who neglected to teach her to wash dishes, but it drove me crazy (especially because if she used my dishes, I’d then have to go behind her and re-wash them). She also would buy meat when we went to the store, put it in the freezer, then let it thaw in the fridge, but forget about it and not cook it and then it would go bad and she would throw it away. x.x The last thing that really bothered me was that every time her boyfriend (who I believe she’s married to now) came over, he would make her cry. Not just quiet crying, I mean sobbing, weeping, loudly asking him to stop whatever he was doing/saying that was making her so upset. I never heard any sounds of a physical struggle, or else I would have intervened (consequences be damned), but it sounded pretty bad to me anyway. I rationalized by saying maybe I just didn’t know what was going on, but it was a fairly constant thing (it happened every single time he came over), so I don’t know.

Once I finished college, I decided to move to Ohio, and since I didn’t know anyone here, there wasn’t any question of my moving in with anyone (my mother joked about my moving in with one of my cousins, but considering how mysogynistic and self-centered he is I wasn’t really interested). Of course, then I ended up moving into the bed bug-infested apartment for a year, so maybe rooming with someone I didn’t know wouldn’t have been that bad, unless they were awful AND I had bed bugs on top of it. >.>

The fact is, I like being alone. I like having my own space. I like knowing that everything is mine and I don’t have to ask permission to use anything. I like being able to invite anyone I want over and not worrying about whether anyone else likes them or not. I like keeping my own hours.

Even if I were in a serious relationship with someone, I would hesitate about moving in with them. I just need my own space. Always have, always will. Even if I do end up married or otherwise co-habitating with someone, it’ll have to include a craft room/office space for me to go to be alone. XD Which I don’t think is unreasonable.


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