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What happens when Chelsea goes insane?

She puts multiple doll knits on her head and makes crazy faces.

I have a friend staying the weekend with me, and she and I are going to take many pictures of dolls modeling hand-knitted items, so I was messing with some of the many items I’ve knit over time, and kind of went crazy. >.> All those items will end up being sold eventually.

I am very irritable because of hormones, my air conditioner being made of fail (it is dripping water into my living room, some of it I can catch in a plastic bin, the rest runs down the wall and under the bin so my carpet is soaked), and having to have my car fixed (the serpentine belt was in very bad shape). I am having a really big problem coming up with anything to write about, so today is an off day again. Sorry about that.

Have some links to fun/interesting things.

Renee Fleming sings “Porgi Amor”

Renee Fleming sings “Adieu, notre petite table”

Adorable kitty taking a bath

A comic about job hunting

Hyperbole and a Half, because it is always worth reading again.


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