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So for about a week now, my air conditioner has not been working properly. I tried turning it off, but it’s so miserably hot without it that I can’t even think (hot and humid, I should specify). I started noticing when I went in the back corner of the room to grab something and noticed the carpet was soaking wet. After talking to my landlords, they advised putting a plastic bin under it to catch the water, and said they would call their air conditioning guy as soon as possible. Since then, I’ve emptied the bin out twice (more than half full both times), ended up trying to put a towel behind it because it started dripping down the wall, but then noticed yesterday that the towel was soaked to dripping wet and the rug (room-sized rug over a hardwood floor) was also soaked through, and it had begun smelling very strongly of mildew. So that was a large part of my not having such a great day yesterday. The other part was trying to take my car to the shop to get fixed and having to pay $130 to replace the serpentine belt, balance the tires and get the oil changed. Which, luckily, I did have to spend, and I’m relieved that my car isn’t going to die anytime soon, but it was still stressful.

Also, I’m on my period. So, way to go, universe! Even though they’re all small things in the long run (and this year has still been waaaaay better so far than 2009 was), it was still one of those days where almost nothing went right.

Luckily, I have a friend spending the weekend with me, and she is patient with me when I’m irritable and we’ve been having a grand time talking dolls and playing video games and such, so that is very nice. She took the pics of me being insane yesterday. XD

This is my friend Casey, hiding behind the doll shirt she's sewing.

Here I am standing next to my malfunctioning air conditioner.

There's about three and a half inches of water in that container, and I just emptied it yesterday.

Now we’re going to go outside and take some pictures of dolls in some of my hand-knitted stuff, so that is also cool. X3


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