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First Day

Holy crap, hair that is not all grody or pulled back. o.o

This was actually the tail end of a huge yawn, not the beginning of a sneeze or a spontaneous orgasm.

Really, world? Really? I am not sure I believe you.

So today was my first day at the temp thing. I just have to say, trying to call business owners the week before a big holiday is SO much fun. XD I hope I get the hang of it, because I do want to do well, and I definitely think I could be more confident on the phone. Also, still thrilled to not be working at my old job anymore. >.> And also to be able to put this on my resume. XD

I ended up staying up quite late last night, mostly nerves (I always get nervous about new experiences). There were two 15 minute breaks and an hour lunch break during the shift, so tomorrow I am going to bring my knitting and some frozen meals and maybe some snack type stuff so I don’t have to go out to find food (there is a Subway nearby, which is where I ate today, but I don’t want to buy lunch every day). I don’t like going outside during breaks, like everyone else, so knitting works best for me. Plus knitting is calming, and after constant rejection for an hour and a half I’m sure I’ll need something to calm me down. >.>

Somehow, by some miracle, I got almost 80 views yesterday, which made me go o.o at my blog stats page. I am very curious who linked me, because I can’t imagine that I got that many under my own power. XD I’ve only had this blog for a month! Fame and fortune takes longer than that!

I am a bit braindead because of not getting enough sleep last night, so that is the end of this entry. XD More thought-provoking things tomorrow, I promise.


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