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Hello, Rage

Second day at the job! Started out feeling a bit shaky, but then apparently won people over a bit and ended up getting 6 whole people to sign up, so woohoo! And it’s not telemarketing, so that is good (although obviously some of the people I called felt like it was just as bad, at least it’s for a charity).

I am tired and a bit loopy, so I decided to play around with some of the effects my webcam can do.

Regular ol' me. ❤

Apparently I am just too cold to be human.

This one is okay, the effect is called "colored pencil"

This is my favorite one. The effect is called "comic book" and I think I look like some kind of sexy femme fetale.

You may be interested in the title for today’s post. Well, one of the forums I frequent had a certain link posted to it last night, and I was so appalled that I thought it was worth sharing with y’all.

Apparently, being a lesbian and/or not wanting children is a disease. At least, a certain doctor has decided to experiment with treating women with dangerous drugs to try to prevent them from giving birth to girls who like girls, or who don’t seem to like babies or aren’t girly enough.

No, really. Are you shitting me?

Not to mention that this woman actually gets women to participate by claiming her treatments are totally safe. Oh, GREAT idea. Because that’s not a lawsuit and a half waiting to happen (and I am going to cackle gleefully when it does).

What the fuck? Why is anyone okay with this? Most of all, how could a woman actually be doing this to other women? Doesn’t she realize the violence she’s doing?

What the hell, we’ve been told all our damn lives that our bodies don’t belong to us. They belong to society, to men for ogling, to politicians for platforming, for everyone in the whole goddamn world except us. Doubly so for those of us with fat bodies, or non-white bodies, or differently abled bodies, or just about any body that isn’t white and male. We have the message pummeled into our head from birth that we are not allowed to belong to ourselves, and then shit like THIS happens and I just want to scream “you keep telling us we don’t own our bodies, and then women go and do this willingly, and you’re SURPRISED?!” It’s like people being surprised when women sit down and shut up in the face of sexual assault, because it’s not like we haven’t been told to do that IN EVERY INTERACTION WITH MEN WE HAVE. Regardless of whether we do (and not all women do, lucky them) or not, that is what we’re taught. And then shit like this happens and perfectly sane, intelligent male doctors go “WTF?!” and I just want to PUNCH THEM. Really? REALLY?!

*Takes a deep breath* So suffice it to say, I am angry about that. I am angry as a woman. I am angry as a bisexual woman. I am angry as a woman who is perfectly fine with women being mechanics, truck-drivers, or (holy crap!) even doctors. I am angry as a fat woman, because if this shit is allowed to fly, how soon will they begin testing their alleged cures for obesity on fetuses (and now I’m doubly horrified because I’m imagining a child who is literally never hungry and would starve to death unless force-fed because of being chemically altered in the womb)?

This is not okay. This is really not okay. We need to do something about this bullshit. Until we put our collective foot down and say “damn it, this will not stand” then they’re just going to keep doing it. And that is really, really not okay.


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