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I am very tired today.

It was a pretty good day, though.

I am very tired and having trouble putting an entire sentence together, so I’m gonna blog about something easy. I really like baking. Baking is something that I find really interesting. My mom actually bought me a really cool book called Bakewise, which is a combination cookbook and explanation of the science behind baking. I thought it was fascinating (sadly, it’s in storage with the rest of my stuff right now). I’m not an amazing baker who can bake immaculate cakes or anything, but I like making things that are delicious, and baking is much easier for me than cooking. Baking involves pretty strict measurements and such, if you have too much of one ingredient it doesn’t just change the flavor, it can change the entire makeup. Cooking, on the other hand, is a lot more estimation and experience. A pinch of this, a dash of that, and I am absolutely horrible at estimating. Seriously. I need pretty solid measurements to make something that tastes good. >.> So baking is a lot easier for me.

My specialty is cookies. Through much experimentation, I have come upon what is almost the perfect cookie recipe, at least in my humble opinion. That is oatmeal butterscotch chip cookies. Another favorite is peppermint chocolate brownie cookies. >.> I am also partial to pumpkin chocolate chip muffins. And of course pudding pies are easier than easy. XD I am fond of certain box mixes, for things I wouldn’t be able to make myself (my kitchen is tiny and I do not have fancy things like food processors, juicers or stand mixers). Lemon bars, for instance. ❤ Sooooo tasty.

So yes. I like baking. ❤ Someday I will even bake a cake that is two layers (WHOA CHELSEA DREAM BIG). XD I don’t think I’ll ever try cake decorating, though. I am too much of a perfectionist, and would drive myself insane. With muffins and cookies I can just shrug and accept wonky shapes, but a wonky cake would fill me with shame (and the fear that I might get posted over on Cake Wrecks).

And that is all the blogging my very tired brain can handle. XD I will try to do better tomorrow.


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