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Moving Furniture

This is my crazy eyes face.

I don't even know. XD

So for the doll meet yesterday, I moved a bunch of furniture around the living room. Wanted to make it more user-friendly and also have more space for people to sit (my friend Casey brought folding chairs so there would be enough chairs). Today I was feeling restless, so I ended up moving the furniture around more. You may have noticed I am sitting in my faded checked chair, but there is no window behind me. In fact, I moved it to the opposite wall, and the red armchair is now in front of the window. Needless to say, my cat is NOT happy about it. XD He was mad enough about everything being moved around yesterday, now it’s even more different and he is lodging a formal protest by not even coming into the living room. On the plus side, I vacuumed under the chairs after I moved them, so now my apartment is even more clean! And almost no one ate brownies yesterday, which I am just heartbroken about (more brownies for me! HAHAHAHAHA)

I do still need to untangle the jumble of cords that my game systems are in, and hook them back up to the TV. But now the TV is facing away from the window, so much less light glare! And also I am closer to the air conditioning and the hallway entrance. So win-win, except for Sen hating it with a fiery passion. XD

Ah well. I have an audition for a community theater thing today, so I really must go practice. Hoorah. XD


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