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Wow. Isn't that a great serial killer look?

Well, that's a bit better. XD

Today has been a bit slow. I guess that’s a Monday thing, it’s been a while since I’ve had any kind of M-F schedule and could say “oh it’s a Monday thing”. XD Anyway, the job was still fine, if slow and sleepy, and I am actually thinking of bringing Lae in tomorrow, since I’ve already mentioned that I have dolls and they expressed interest in him, and I think a Lae at my desk will be cheering. ❤ Speaking of Lae, pictures near the end.

Last night I did something I hadn’t done in a while, which was audition for something. It wasn’t a big thing, just a musical, and I don’t know if I actually have any chance of being cast, but it was good to do. It was good to audition again, to be reminded of what jitters felt like, and the terror and thrill of the unknown stage and audience. Truth be told, it’s been a long time since I’ve done anything like that.

In college, after the first two years, auditioning wasn’t such a big deal. I sometimes felt butterflies, but I knew all the professors and generally had an idea what my chances were at any given audition. My grad school auditions weren’t a big deal because I actually never got to do them. I probably would have been terrified by them too, but I never got the chance to find out.

Why was I so nervous last night? Well, combination of things. For one, I only heard about the auditions last Thursday. That means I had from Thursday afternoon through Sunday night (the audition was at 9:30) to prepare two pieces to audition with. That’s not a lot of time. Of course, I’d sung the songs I ended up using before, but it had been a while (years, for one of them). I opted to do musical theater instead of classical, so they wouldn’t think I didn’t know how to sing English or something. >.> I dunno. It’s community theater, so for all I know they already had the entire cast picked out from their “regulars” and I didn’t have a chance anyway. Considering that’s how almost every theater company operates, it isn’t much of a surprise if that’s the case. XD Hell, I benefited from nepotism more than once in my school days (both high school and college), so. >.> Just not knowing anything about the company, or the people I was auditioning for, was a bit nerve-wracking.

It was a good experience, though. I feel sort of shaky, but it was kind of a “getting back in the saddle” sort of thing. I hadn’t auditioned in such a long time, it was bound to be iffy the first time back. Still, more experience for next time. ;D

As promised, Lae photos! Just linked, since there are a lot of them. ;D

Lae and Misha – My photography skills are crap so you can’t tell, but that tiny has a sleeping faceplate. THEY WERE SO UTTERLY PRECIOUS.

Lae and Bianca – After Misha’s owner went home, Lae was comforted by the loss of his adorableness by another adorable kid doll, Bianca.

Lae, Bianca and Scout – Pukis love sitting on big dolls’ heads. XD This one is no exception! Had to use flash because it was too blurry without.

Lae’s New Shirt – Actually, one of Lae’s two new shirts, the one he’s currently wearing. I adore it. ❤ The other one is also adorable but I didn’t feel like changing his shirt today. XD

Laeface – I love this doll way too much. ❤


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