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Food n’ things

Here is my glamorous dinner tonight, courtesy of feeling too lazy to do anything more strenuous than push microwave buttons. XD It is rice with some soy sauce. Lower sodium soy sauce, mostly because I find the idea of a product made almost entirely of sodium having a “lower sodium” version hilarious, and also sometimes regular soy sauce tastes too strong. ;D

Mmmmm, plain rice with soy sauce.

It's like a commercial!

I figured I should show off my mad eating skillz since it’s been a bit monotonous with the pics lately. I am in a pretty good mood today. n.n In fact, after that hearty rice dinner, I think I’ll go to the grocery store and buy some strawberries! That would make a fine dessert. Who knew food could be so pleasurable?

P.S. … Yeah, if you’re not reading between the lines here, sorry. ;D Not gonna come out and say it.


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