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Fuck you.

This is what your opinions make me feel like.

And this is what I think about your general disapproval of me.

I am not sorry that I dare to be happily fat and refuse to engage in your ridiculous diet talk. I am not sorry that I roll my eyes and get agitated when you start talking about how Obama is in on the Illuminati conspiracy that is trying to turn our country to socialism. I am also not sorry that I recruited more people today than you did. So feel free to take your passive-aggressive comments about how “some people take jokes too far” when I start using my big belly as a drum (which is both fun and funny) and shove them up your ass.

This passive-aggressive message was brought to you by the thing that Chelsea hates most about her current job, which is passive-aggressive coworkers who have to gossip about everyone all the time, and especially anyone who doesn’t play along with their insanity.

Have a nice day. n.n


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