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A Lot of Character

Is this right?

Well, I guess so.

And yet this one is blurry. XD

I was experimenting with taking pics one-handed with my new camera. XD It was a moderate success. It helps that it actually has a shaky hands mode (my hands are shaky, and it’s worse when I try to make them shake less) so it’s a bit easier to use than the old one.

Anyway, today I’m going to write about characters.

From as far back as I can remember, there have been characters in my head. From the mermaid princess (who was just fine with being a mermaid, thank you) to the were-leopard warrior woman and on to the overly powerful fire mage, there have always been people in my imagination. I’ve never lacked the capability to form raw creativity into interesting characters, and over time my characters have become more interesting and well-balanced (well, I obviously have a lot of practice). Not surprisingly, I’ve had a couple Mary Sues in my day, but I’ve had a good amount of decent, interesting characters too. What surprises me most is that while I love my female characters and identify with them, my favorite characters are invariably male.

Take, for instance, Shuichi. Shuichi wasn’t originally intended to be the character he eventually became. In his original incarnation, he was just a stoner who didn’t fit in and liked playing drums. As time went on, however, he became someone totally different. It turned out he was bisexual, and he fell in love with another character, one created by my best friend. Richi was a small and meek kid, and he hit every protective instinct that Shuichi had, and Shuichi became a knight in shining armor for him. Moreover, Shuichi became the sort of person I aspire to be. Calm, unless his friends are being threatened. Selfless, in that he does as much as he can for other people, up to and including feeding/clothing them. Self-sufficient, but not in an over-the-top obnoxious way (he makes ends meet, but he can’t afford a car or anything extravagant like that). Maybe it’s just my blind love for the character, but I think Shuichi is the most genuine person I’ve yet been able to create. Of course, at this point he has years and years on most of my other current characters, but still. ;D

Thorn is another good example. Thorn was one of the main characters in a story I started writing as a sort of aggrandized fantasy fulfillment. The main character was a girl who had become deaf by psychological (rather than physical) trauma, and could hear instrumental music but not anyone’s voice, including her own. Thorn is a Fae, extremely old and powerful, who fell in love with the girl (whose name really isn’t important). The thing is, the girl was always a pale imitation of a character. She had no real depth, other than her sad past and her relationship with her older sister. Thorn was always more interesting in just about every way. Luckily, while I scrapped the story, I was able to save Thorn and migrate him to another one. ❤ If I ever get around to writing it, I may reuse some elements of the original story (not the girl, but perhaps other characters/situations), but I can’t be sure.

Both of them were originally secondary characters. They were meant as backup for the more important and (at least in my addled mind at the time) more interesting main female characters. And yet, both of them have grown and become so much more. The history behind them, the stories I can tell of them, they’re all beautiful and interesting. I wish all my characters were as cool as them. ❤

… Of course, it does make them ridiculously hard to find doll sculpts for. x.x


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