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This is what happens when I try to do my hair on a humid day.


I have a sort of love/hate relationship with my hair. On the one hand, it’s extremely flexible, in that a skilled person can make it hold many shapes with curling iron and hair spray. There’s also lots of it, which is both good and bad. However, the hairs themselves are very fine, which makes keeping it in place/smooth without hairspray is practically impossible. And while it has enough curl to have nice waves when long and cute curling under when short, it also frizzes at the drop of a hat. And forget things like those big claw clips that some people can use, or hair pins. Without half a pound of pins and a gallon of hairspray, it will fall out of any arrangement in very short order (including things like buns). Even when I put it up in a ponytail or pigtails, tons of flyaways (not just one or two) escape. So to say my hair frustrates me is a bit of an understatement. XD But it is still a lovely dark brown, and when it’s not too tangled it’s soft and wonderful to run my fingers through.

I do love it when people play with my hair, though. Not just if they braid it or put it up for me (as earlier today, that ponytail wasn’t my doing, there’s a 17 year old girl volunteering at work this week who is kind of ADD and cute), but just running their fingers through it. I think it’s because my mother used to do it a whole lot when I was a child, so it’s a soothing feeling for me. I like playing with other people’s hair as well, which I think is part of why I’m turned off by greasy/unkempt hair in general. XD

Despite my love/hate relationship with it, though, I’m fairly proud of my hair. I think a good bit of my frustration about it has to do with the fact that I am not good with messing with it. XD As with makeup, when most young girls were experimenting with their hair, I had my nose buried deep in a book. The only experimentation I did was to ask my mother if I could get my hair permed, which she allowed (twice, even) since it was ZOMG COOL when I was in middle school (I look back on those pictures and shudder). Naturally, I couldn’t do much with it back then, and once the perm grew out I just wasn’t interested.

I wish I could do more with it, and I wish it wasn’t so frizz-tastic sometimes, but I generally do like my hair. ❤ I could do worse, really.


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