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Wiping sweat off my brow after a bunch of cleaning, cooking and baking.

That's right, I am awesome. Washed dishes, took out trash, cooked pasta for dinner and baked brownies.

Oh, and I’m doing laundry. XD I AM RIDICULOUSLY AWESOME.

Ahem. Anyway, I am a bit beat now because of all that, so I am going to post a couple of links I saw on various sites today, all of which are worth taking a gander at.

Blind Couple Reunited With Baby Taken Away By State – Part of me wasn’t as surprised when I noticed that the state involved was Missouri, where I spent four years of my life between elementary and high school. The government there is especially awful, and this story is especially horrifying. Ableism at its worst.

11-year-old Girl Grows Veggies for the Homeless – On the other hand, this is an admirable thing. She doesn’t even have to buy the seedlings, so almost no one is profiting from it in a monetary fashion, but many families are getting to eat fresh produce where otherwise they wouldn’t (and if you think hunger and starvation isn’t an issue in America, I have a bridge to sell you).

Smartphone “Jailbreaking” Now Legal – Now your techie friend who hacked his iPhone so he could use a non-shitty company for his wireless service can’t be sued for it, not that anyone had been, but it is a step in the right direction (I’m still waiting for the Accredited Blogger’s Association to become reality, though).

2010 Comic-Con Cosplayers – Some of the coolest pics of Comic-Con cosplayers, to warm the geeky heart.

Luxury Shower Heads Under Fire – Oh no! What will all the millionaires do when they’re not allowed to use their $6,000 shower heads that expel 12 gallons of water a minute? How dare America attempt to limit the amount of water I waste!

Motorized Couch Banned – On the one hand, part of me just wants to say “um, wait, you have the brains and engineering know-how to invent something really useful, and you use it to make a fucking motorized couch?” On the other hand… No, wait, I’m just really baffled that a college student would think that was wicked cool when at other schools, students are making life-saving equipment for really cheap.

Mmmmyep. I bet you can’t guess what site I check my email on! XD


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