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Um… hi?

Oh noes, I've gone cross-eyed!

Oh, wait, I guess I'm okay.

I also have awesome hair.

So today was my first day of being unemployed again. My temp job was slated to end on Friday, but apparently they decided to let me and the other temps go two days early, as I got a call yesterday from my temp agency saying “yeah, don’t go in to work tomorrow, they let everyone go, it wasn’t based on performance blah blah”. So I know it wasn’t me specifically, since I was generally on the higher end of average when it came to the numbers (we were supposed to get a certain number of people per day).

Anyway, I’ve spent the day mostly feeling icky, as it’s That Time Of The Month for me (TTOTM from now on). Just blah and craving chocolate I don’t have but feeling too gross to want to go out and buy some. I sort of wish I had a friend who randomly baked cookies who could send me some, but alas, I don’t. XD

Sorry about the lack of interesting updates lately. I’ve just been having trouble thinking of things I want to blog about. Lots of knitting still to do.

Well, anyway, going out to dinner with my aunt. That should be fun.


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