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First, some pics from the park last weekend. X3

This is Lae, sitting in a tree.

Lae likes climbing trees, but this was the only one we could find with a low enough branch.

Lae and Toshi are both pointing in different directions. XD

Afterward, Lae spent the rest of the day sleeping.

Toshi belongs to my friend Casey, not me. It was a very fun and exhausting day for everyone. XD

I am feeling a bit better today.

There's always time for crazy eyes!

Sen likes sitting in the chair and looking out the window.

He also enjoys moving around constantly while I'm trying to take pictures of him. XP

I’m taking care of myself today. Just being really relaxed and not making a fuss about anything. Yesterday still was pretty bleh because I slept so poorly the night before (not knowing if my brother was okay), but today has been nice. I should be getting started on a new temp job by the end of next week, so I’m not terribly worried about money either. I mean, I’m not rish, but I’m not in the poorhouse yet, so that is good.

I promise, sometime this weekend I will have a good, long, important stuff entry to post. Just not today. XD


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