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Food Adventures

Today was a long day.

My neck hurts from bending over a desk all day.

I think this one makes me look kinda like a turtle. XD

So I didn’t end up making the pasta salad last night because I realized I was lacking two very important ingredients (and the dill, which without it would’ve been okay, but very bland). That is, mayo and sour cream. XD So I put it off until I could run to the grocery store on my way home from work today (I wasn’t gonna drive back last night, that’s a big waste of gas), and bought the necessary items. And hooray, for I have made the pasta salad!

It required me to chop vegetables, something I am not good at in the least. It also required me to seed vegetables, which I have never done before. >.> Let’s just say a bit of a mess was made, but I luckily did not cut myself and I managed to somewhat succeed at seeding the cucumbers and tomatoes. I actually estimated correctly too, I had just the right amount of cukes for the salad (plus a bite or two) and just enough tomatoes for the salad plus a sandwich. ;D I am not very good at estimating, so that is actually an accomplishment for me. Of course, the kitchen now looks like it was hit by a food hurricane and I can’t eat the salad for another hour (it has to set in the fridge for a bit), but I did not fail!

Cooking is always kind of nerve-wracking for me because it requires so much thought. Baking is a lot easier, you just mix together the measured ingredients and then stick it in an oven. Cooking requires you to do things like taste it and see if it’s done, add spices and herbs to the amount you like (which isn’t a set measurement) and keep a constant eye on it. I zone out quite easily, and on some days when I’m tired I can’t even hear the buzzer go off for the oven, let alone maintain concentration long enough to not burn garlic or watch pasta boil.

So yes, today was an adventure in fooding for me, and hooray, I won!


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