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Moar Salad!

Another long day. My neck is killing me.

On the bright side, I made more pasta salad.

This is a still of me singing along to a song on iTunes. XD

I made more pasta salad after getting home from work today, because I ended up putting 5/8s of it aside for lunch at work today (got a two day long temp thing) and ate the other 3/8s for dinner. This time I used farfalle (also known as bow tie pasta, I just like Italian words) and made a double batch. Sadly it looks like some of the veggies will still go bad before I can eat them all, but I’ve gotten the bulk of them in sammiches and pasta salad, so that’s okay. Five pounds of veggies is just too much for one person. XD I tried my best, but living alone and only having one stomach (since Sen won’t touch veggies, which makes perfect sense for a cat), I couldn’t get ’em all. It still tickles me that she apologized for not being able to give me more.

I really hate wasting food. I have ever since I was a kid. My parents never tried to guilt me into finishing what was on my plate, so I don’t know where the sentiment comes from. We also didn’t tend to have tons of leftovers because if there were any they got eaten pretty quick (I think that’s typical for a family with three kids, especially of our general height range), so I dunno. I’ve just always hated wasting food, for whatever reason. Maybe just one of those obsessive compulsive quirks I never quite grew out of (I was really obsessive as a kid, a lot less these days). I get angry with myself whenever I have to throw anything away because it’s spoiled. Not angry that it spoiled at all, angry because I didn’t eat it in time. Logic? Why no, I know of no such thing.

Ah well. This week shall be fondly remembered as the week where I had fresh vegetables with almost every meal (except breakfast, as I eat cereal for breakfast, and that would be gross). So many tomato sandwiches, it was like heaven on earth. ❤ Until I am rich enough to actually buy vegetables regularly and non-lazy enough to make stuff with them (which could be a good many years away), this may be the last time I get this many fresh veggies in a good long while. Which is sad, when you think about it (considering how much more expensive it is to eat fresh, healthy food than absolute crap). Ah, well. Food politics is a topic for another day.


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