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Dance Dance Dance

So I have good news and bad news. The good news is, you get a video of me today! The bad news is, it’s not the video I originally planned. My voice teacher has a setup with a video camera and DVD burner in her office, but somehow the audio got fucked up and didn’t record, and I wasn’t really in the mood to post a video of myself with no sound (I wanted to post it to show off my singing). And my camera, while having a video camera, has shit audio recording capabilities, so I decided to not even try to record myself singing at home. Thus, you get a video of me DANCING. XD The song was on the original audio, but it was crap, so I just synched up the mp3 to the video in Quicktime Pro, and all was well.

Please note that I do not make any claims of being a good dancer. I enjoy it, I think I could be better at it with more practice and some classes, but that doesn’t make me very good. Also, it would have been slightly more interesting if you could see more of the hip action, but I don’t have a ton of choice on where to position the camera, it’s generally waist up or neck down, never both at once. XD Lastly, I do not have shaven armpits. If that somehow grosses you out more than a fat girl shaking her groove thang, then feel free not to watch it. I don’t care what you think, I prefer not to bother with shaving, since I smell better and it’ll just grow back anyway. Anywho, enjoy!

I also have some links for you all to peruse, because I did some checking of the blogs I enjoy reading but haven’t had a chance to read lately, and I liked some of the recent entries, so links you shall have.

Reclaiming Fat – via The Rotund, a great post about all the different terminology for being fat. I myself really dislike “big-boned” as a euphemism for fat, because I (and my brothers) actually do have much larger than average bones, on top of our being fat. You kinda have to, to be built on the scale we are. So yes, I am fat. Not husky, or stout, or curvy. Just fat. XD

A Nice Story – via Fatshionista, a really lovely story about being on the beach. My favorite line, which made me laugh and sigh simultaneously, was this:

“I have come to love the beach because it reminds me of Florida, a place I cannot fathom moving back to willingly, but which I miss nonetheless, like some horrible ex-lover you can’t help but remember fondly in spite of everything that was wrong with the relationship.”

That quote pretty much sums up exactly how I feel about North Carolina. XD I miss it, and yet I would be miserable if I moved back there.

Race Affects You, And Me Too – Also via Fatshionista, a really good and concise post about white privilege and a little bit about how it intersects with being fat.


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