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So I’ve been temping pretty regularly the past couple weeks. X3 I can’t really tell a bunch about exactly what I’ve been doing, because it’s involved a lot of people’s names (privacy agreements and all that). But it’s been fairly steady work, and one place liked me so much that they want me to come back next week for another project, so. X3

Sometimes I get very caught up in my hair.

I feel pretty good today, all things considered.

Being gainfully employed, even without any kind of job security, is nice. XD I even got a gift card from the lady who was supervising me at the last job, and an offer for a good recommendation if I needed it, so I think I made a good impression on her. ;D

Anywho, I am popping off to the store to pick up a few things, hopefully I will have enough brain power to blog tomorrow.


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