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So I’m just gonna go ahead and admit that I am not someone who cleans very often. Or, ever, really. I realize this is not a very hygienic way to live (especially when one has a cat who sheds more in tumbleweeds than tufts), but that’s how it is. Part of this is that I have very poor organizational skills. Any given surface in my apartment is covered in stuff, what stuff depending on what I’ve been doing for the past two weeks and where I’ve felt like throwing whatever I happen to have in my hands when I come in the door. I don’t leave milk out on the counter for a week or anything like that, and I am pretty good about not leaving food to rot, but sweeping/vacuuming/wiping stuff down is something I rarely do (never, really). I wash dishes because if I didn’t I wouldn’t be able to eat off of them (no dishwasher). I get the hair out of the drain every day, but only because my hair is so legendarily good at clogging that if I don’t it’ll be entirely stopped up in two days (no, I’m really not exaggerating). And forget cleaning the tub or the sink.

The thing is, while I am a bit of a clean freak in terms of my actual body (have to wash my hair and all cracks and crevices on my body at least once a day), I don’t really care so much about the other stuff. I mean, dust is definitely unpleasant, but since I can’t afford one of those fancy swiffer duster thingies, I generally just wipe it off with my hand and deal. I could probably use a Roomba, except it would require so much effort in terms of picking up after myself I’d never use it. XD I’m just inherently lazy.

But I have company coming next weekend (unless plans have changed, in which case that is totally okay), and I want my apartment to be semi-livable for someone with different cleanliness needs than me. So here’s my recap of the day, all times approximate. (more…)


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… Goddamn it.


Seriously. Crap noodles.

I was so busy today with not getting anything actually done that I completely forgot to take pictures and make a blog post. *Facepalm* I knew it would happen eventually. I will have a great post tomorrow to make up for it. I PROMISE. x.x

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