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Epic… Fail.

So I made a pretty big mistake today. It was supposed to be another epic day of cleaning, but I managed to hurt myself and got discouraged. Read on for details.

Around 1:30 PM, I took big bin full of sheets and the one load of clothes downstairs, then followed it with a basket for my car stuff with a trash bag for all the trash in the car, as well as the giant bottle of detergent and the quarters and junk. Put first load in washer and proceeded to spend half an hour cleaning the car out. I filled a regular-sized trash bag up to the top, and the basket was likewise full of stuff that needed to not live in the car. XD Then I made a very bad mistake. I didn’t realize how hot I’d gotten cleaning out the car, so I moved the 35 lb cat litter bin I bought at Target the other day into the garage, and then carried the trash bag into the garage trash bins and carried the basket upstairs to my apartment. When I got inside the apartment I quickly realized I had made a huge mistake, I rushed to the kitchen to get myself a glass of water, then collapsed into my armchair AND WENT TEMPORARILY DEAF AND BLIND. That’s right, I almost gave myself fucking heat stroke. *Facepalm* I was also suffering from an asthma attack, so I managed to get myself onto the floor and over to my purse where my inhaler is, and after a couple puffs of that the severe pain around my shoulders and upper chest started easing, then I started regaining my vision and hearing. The whole episode probably only lasted about two minutes, tops, but for a brief moment I actually considered calling 911.

Afterward I decided that I would do the rest of the laundry and then call it a night and clean in the morning. My best friend’s plane doesn’t land until 3:30, so I don’t even have to leave my house until after 3 to get there on time. I might put away random junk tonight, but no concerted cleaning efforts.


Not really in the mood to endanger my health further today.


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