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Clean, bitches!

My hair frizzes if you look at it sideways, I swear.

I attempted to smooth it down, but it'll be back up in half a minute.

So after yesterday’s debacle I decided to put off cleaning until today, since I don’t have to head to the airport until 3 PM (give or take). And man, I don’t think my apartment has every been this clean since I moved in. XD I also rearranged some furniture, I like it better how it is currently, although there’s now this big empty space on one side because the living room is huge and I just don’t have enough furniture for it. Oh well. At least it is clean and vacuumed and everything! I feel good about it. n.n

Now I just have to run to the store for one or two things before 3 rolls around AND I GET TO GO PICK UP MY BEST FRIEND IN THE WHOLE WORLD. So yeah, this is the entry for today. XD Sorry if you expected something better, tomorrow we’ll prolly go to the park and take tons of doll pictures so expect some of that sometime in the next few days.


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