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Cinnamon Rolls

I really, really love this shirt.

Sadly, I am not having a stellar day today.

So my internet got cut off because until I get my paycheck next week, I can’t pay the bill. So now I’m sitting in Panera bread, with a $2.30 cinnamon roll, because I can’t afford to pay my cable bill. *Siiiiiiiigh* I love how the world works. No, really.

Anyway, while work was okay today, I had a horrendous drive home. I hate the traffic in this city. And the bus system sucks balls, you have to pay out the nose to transfer fifteen times any time you want to go anywhere further than two miles away. So yeah. Not feeling so great right now. I’m sure once the cinnamon roll hits I’ll be feeling better, even though part of me is cursing the fact that I came here hungry and thus wanted something sweet instead of the cheap plain bagels. Especially since I’ll probably have to come here several more times this week, if only to make posts.

I dunno. I was thinking of a topic earlier today at work (it’s a pretty mindless job so my mind tends to wander a lot) but I forgot my notebook so I couldn’t write it down and since my mind ends up wandering a LOT, I forgot it. I’ll bring my notebook to work tomorrow, it’ll probably pop up again.

Nothing else to say, really. Feeling more frustrated than normal about my life.


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