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Oh Bloody Hell.

Seriously. On top of all my other problems, today my alarm clock didn’t go off. At all. I’m supposed to be at work (at the current temp job) by 8 AM, and it’s a half hour drive. I woke up at 8:50 when my bank tried to call me (my bank account is overdrawn, which I am fully aware of and unable to do anything about until I get my paycheck next week). I thought “why is my bank calling me at 6:30 in the OH FUCKING HELL”. I literally rolled out of bed, pulled my PJs off and threw some nice clothes on, stepped into my heels and flew out the door. Called the temp agency (I don’t have a phone number for the place, they rarely give me one) and told them to please call my employer and OMG I’M SO SORRY and they said it was okay and they would.

Luckily, my current place of employment is very laid back, and I stayed an hour and a half (until 6 PM, I work 8-4:30 with a half hour lunch) late to make up for it, so I didn’t get fired. But I am not feeling great right now and I haven’t had a shower or much to eat today and so it is not a great day. Hence the shitty pics, plus Panera has the most idiotic lighting so everything looks orange on camera.

Greasy hair, greasy face, overall just feeling disgusting.

This is my general feeling about life right now.

At least they gave me free cream cheese with my bagel today (I think the girl was new and didn’t realize the cream cheese isn’t free). That did improve my mood. ❤ Now to finish my online things. I’ll probably be on for at least an hour, if anyone wants to chat or anything.


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