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Photo Shoot

So I dressed in one of my favorite outfits today, and I was so pleased with myself I decided to do a little photo shoot for you guys.

I LOVE this outfit. It makes me feel confident, sexy, and overall great about myself. I also made a pumpkin cheesecake pudding pie last night and brought it to work with me, so I think I made up for being so late yesterday (the manager loved it so much she had two slices, and I am under strict orders to make it again next week). So at least the week ended on a great note. ;D

I tried the kitchen first, but I wanted full body shots.

I ended up making an "arrangement" on my coffee table to compensate

I am coy. ;D

I liked this so much I am posting it even though it turned out blurry.

Look at that fabulous ass!

You know you want some, no matter what you say!

And that is all. X3


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