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So apparently yesterday’s blog post wasn’t plain enough, so I’m going to talk on this here post about abortion.

I have a very simple view of abortion. Really. There are two parts. One: I believe that I would never get an abortion and I don’t like the idea of them. Two: I believe they should be legal.

These two viewpoints are not contradictory, no matter what you may think. The main point here is that my opinion of abortion doesn’t matter. Because I respect women and view them as generally intelligent beings who understand what they’re doing (obviously this isn’t universally true, but generally it is), who deserve to have full autonomy over their own bodies.

That’s the only important factor of the whole abortion “debate” to me. You want to talk about other things? I have responses for most of them. Let’s do this.

“What if *insert famous figure here*’s mother aborted him?! (it’s always a him)” – What if Jeffery Dahmer or Ted Bundy’s mothers had aborted them? The chances of any given fetus to become someone famous/positively influential are about equal to the chances of them becoming a psychopath.

“How can you murder an innocent child?!” – Let’s speak of a similar scenario. A woman (your mother, sister, or cousin, perhaps) is attacked and raped by a man. That woman fights back fiercely and kills said man. We view this as admirable, yes? That woman was defending her bodily integrity, and in doing so, killed her attacker. If, however, a woman’s bodily integrity is violated by an unwanted child, we view her as a murderer. There’s a pretty big gap there. The point is, no woman deserves to serve as an incubator against her will, because it is still her body, and thus her decision.

“That child deserves a chance at life!” – Are you offering to adopt that child and raise them for 18+ years, providing prenatal care to ensure said child is born heathy, and then providing them financial and emotional support until they are able to care for themselves? If you’re not, who then? Many woman who seek abortions do so because they are not financially or emotionally capable of raising children. And, surprisingly, many of the so-called “pro-life” people are also in favor of cutting funding for the poor, especially for women with children. So if you want to force all women to have babies they don’t want, but you also want to not provide them any support, what the hell kind of life is that child going to have? People get really gung-ho about hypothetical children, but there are thousands of real children out there who need help right now, and very few of the people screaming about abortion are doing anything for them.

The point I’m trying to make is, it shouldn’t matter how you feel about abortion, any more than it should matter how you feel about homosexuality. If you’re not actively participating in the subject, you shouldn’t get any say in the matter.

And that is all I have to say about that.


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