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This is one of my typical faces I make when concentrating at my screen. ;D

This was just for fun. XD

1. I have a bit of an oral fixation. I like to taste things (as long as I know they’re not dangerous). I know the flavor difference between gold and silver, for instance. I am a big fan of lollipops and hard candies, although I tend to start chewing on them before long because I’m impatient. Candies that dissolve fairly fast (like buttermints) are an exception.

2. I hate having things touch the front of my neck. I haven’t owned a turtleneck since high school, and I only wore one when I had nothing else clean. When I was in middle school, if forced to wear a turtle neck, I would pull the neck up to cover my mouth, and then start chewing on it (because at least then it wouldn’t be constricting my neck anymore). I also can’t wear chokers, but loose necklaces are fine. I am also all right with scarves, as long as they’re a bit loose.

3. My breasts have their own names. The left (my left) is Lulu and the right is Benoit (ben-wah). I came up with those names randomly in college and they’ve just stuck.

4. I much prefer cold to heat, I believe this is because my fat provides insulating layers (much like blubber in a whale). This means I don’t get cold easily, but I get hot if I so much as glance at a sweater.

5. I hate wearing makeup because I don’t like the feeling of having something on the skin of my face (lipstick is an exception). I also despise having to apply sunscreen, but I do it because it’s better than the alternative.


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