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So today was a productive, if a bit silly day. XD I decided to go to the game store for two purposes, to trade in a game I didn’t care for anymore and to see if they had a CD fixer device for my Rock Band 2 disc (it’s apparently laser burned, and it won’t play). They didn’t have a CD fixer, but they did have a game I’ve been looking for lately, Grandia II! I borrowed a copy from a friend a few months back (it’s a PS2 port of a Dreamcast game) and it was so good to play it again, then I had to give it back. But now, I have my OWN copy. X3 So I can play it whenever I feel like!

After that, I went to Lane Bryant to see if they had any dress pants in my size (I only have two pairs, and one is on its way out), and lo and behold, they not only had them, but they had a pair of jeans in my size too. ;D And I had a coupon for $50 off of $150 (each pair of pants was $50, I got two dress pants and one jeans), so it was only $100. X3 So that was pretty good.

And to top it all off, I finally got my XBox from UPS, and it works again! I am paused in a game of Dragon Age: Origins right now. ;D So all in all, life is good. Now, I have darkspawn to slaughter!


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