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I bet you can't guess how I feel based on today's pictures.

Go on, take a wild guess!

Today wasn’t a horrible day, until I left work. It took me three times as long as normal to drive home from work. My normal commute is half an hour, so yeah. I was to the point of screaming my head off at traffic around me from inside my car (no, I didn’t roll down my windows or look anyone in the eye, just general screaming), which was somewhat cathartic but didn’t make me go any faster than 0.2 MPH. When I finally got off the highway, I decided to stop at Steak & Shake for a milkshake and an order of onion rings, because I was ready to kill something. They improved my mood a bit, but I still feel kind of generally sour right now. I think I will have a beer and see how I feel afterward.


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