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(Bonus points to the first person who recognizes the quote.)

I’ve written, more than once, on this blog and others, about my general ill luck in the arena of footwear. I have a women’s size 15 foot, which I was convinced did not exist. I’ve been wearing men’s shoes for almost everything since I was about 12. Of course, since I’m a performer, I’ve always needed nice shoes. Unfortunately, trying to find them was horrible. I lucked out with a pair of open-toed black heels a couple years ago, which my mother found on a drag queen website and we had stretched to fit me (they were too narrow). Unfortunately, despite the fact that I haven’t worn them very often, they’ve been threatening to wear out on me, and so the hunt for shoes recommenced.

I believe I was browing Fatshionista.com a few months ago when I came upon the link to the site that would change my life. I was looking for fashion items in general, grown tired of the limited selection at Lane Bryant, Avenue and Torrid, and I happened to pause for a moment at an interesting link. “Hmm,” I thought, “Barefoot Tess. Shoes in big sizes. They probably only go up to a 13, but I’ll look anyway.” Lo and behold, my friends, but they did not stop at 13. They go all the way up to 15. And I believe I actually wept for joy when I started looking through their selection.

This week, after getting my second paycheck at my current temp job, I was finally able to order some. I’d been planning for a while, but I hadn’t had the funds. Finally, I did, and I placed an order for three pairs of shoes.

They arrived today, much earlier than I expected (I figured Monday). I checked the tracking number at work and was surprised to find they had been delivered, but I spent the rest of the day in restless anticipation. Of course, I couldn’t go straight home, because I had a voice lesson today (and I will post an edited video of it tomorrow). It was a good lesson, and I don’t regret it, but I was extremely eager to get home after that.

Finally, I walked in the door. I was greeted by a large brown box, which I carried up to my apartment, hardly daring to breathe. I used my keys to cut the box open, and opened each shoe box reverently. I said a silent prayer to whatever gods deal with feet, and I put the first pair on the ground and stepped into them.

I swear to you, it was like the heavens split open and a choir of angels sang. I started giggling hysterically, moved to such happiness I couldn’t just smile, I had to laugh. I stepped out of the first pair and placed the second on the floor, to repeat the performance. Each time, I let the feeling sink in for a moment, and then exploded into delighted laughter. My neighbors probably thought I was going crazy, but I didn’t care. I felt like Cinderella, except instead of some stupid prince who can’t recognize her without a tiara on, I got the most perfect shoes. I called my mother in tears to proclaim that all three pairs fit. I tweeted it, I posted on my private blog, and then I sat down to try to calm myself, as I was light-headed from hyperventilating and giggling.




Of course, after the initial glee wore off, they really aren’t completely perfect. ;D The red pair is actually a smidge too big, such that I will have to be careful when walking in them not to step out of them. The black pair is just a smidge too small, mostly in the front where they cover my toes, and I’m not sure if the material they’re made of (not leather) can be stretched. The denim shoes, however, are just right. And now I feel like Goldilocks, except I’m still gonna keep all three pairs and wear them like crazy. XD I can totally knit myself some awesome socks to wear with the red pair to fill in the space, and the black pair may fit me better next week (I’m a tad bloated right now, take a wild guess why), and even if they don’t, I don’t care, because a tiny bit tight is way better than not fitting at all. X3

Of course, I just looked on the site and the pair I got in denim has a new plaid version, but it’s not up to my size yet. Boo! I will stalk them until they carry it in my size. I am going to have so much fun with these shoes, I just know it.

It’s so wonderful to be able to reclaim something I thought I’d lost forever. Vive la Barefoot Tess!


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