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Office Celebration

Smiling at the office. XD

I cropped another person out of this picture, hence why it's weirdly off-center.

So today was “birthday day”, a day in which the office I’m currently temping at celebrates all the October birthdays at once so they don’t have to throw three parties (which I say is smart planning). And I mentioned yesterday that my birthday is in October too, and so they got me a card and a little present too (one of the ladies in the office hand-makes little things for people and she made me one, she’s so sweet). It was very nice of them. ❤ I really like the place I’m working, it’s just the actual work I’m doing that’s tedious. XD But most of the people working there are nice, and it’s nice and relaxed and just an overall pleasant place.

Also there was strawberry cake. X3 So all in all, a good day. And now, things to do, people to eat, dinner to see. XD Or something!


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