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Pigtails are fun every once in a while.

Especially for twirling. X3

Today has been a very low key, productive day. I got up early, spent a while just puttering around on the internet, went to get gas and a few groceries (must have milk for my cereal), then came home and messed about with graduate school applications for a bit. Once I was tired of that (I’m doing them in small spurts so I don’t get tired/overwhelmed) I did some dishes, put away the rest of the groceries, contemplated baking, decided to put off baking in favor of organizing my yarn basket, and then got distracted by the internet. XD So I have gotten a lot of small stuff done, nothing huge, but I feel pretty good. It’s a nice Sunday. I will probably end up baking later, after my yarn is done. I also have a package to pack (another yarn swap, nothing big), and then I will spend the rest of the evening playing video games and eating frozen pizza (after it’s been cooked).

I like weekends where I have a big Saturday and a lazy Sunday. It helps me do fun stuff, but also recharge my introvert batteries. X3


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