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Goddamn it.

Today has been a very long and frustrating day, I am running on not enough sleep, I haven’t eaten dinner yet, one of my biggest pet peeves just got trampled on by a neighbor, and I’m going to be up until midnight now trying to do my fucking laundry (because SOMEONE thought it was a good idea to take MY load out of the washer and put THEIRS in and THEY have two fucking loads to do and THE DRYER takes like two hours to finish AND I HAVE ANOTHER LOAD SO YEAH), so I am really not in the mood to write a post. Or do just about anything except seethe and wait for my frozen pizza to get done cooking. And mutter curse words under my breath.

Okay, I know it’s completely irrational, but I REALLY HATE IT when other people mess with my laundry. If you aren’t of my blood, KEEP YOUR HANDS OFF. I get that sometimes, I accidentally lose track of time and leave my load in the washer for, y’know, ten extra minutes. But it is RUDE to just STACK MY WET CLOTHES ON THE TABLE so you can do your laundry. ESPECIALLY WHEN I HAVE ANOTHER LOAD TO DO AND IT’S KIND OF DIRE BECAUSE IF I DON’T GET AT LEAST THIS OTHER LOAD DONE I WON’T HAVE ANYTHING TO WEAR TO WORK TOMORROW. And yeah, sorry, but your workout clothes aren’t THAT important.

… Okay, I’m done. Really. I hope my pizza is done soon. I think I’m going to go pour myself a glass of wine. And try not to commit murder in my imagination.

Right. Wine. Yes.


The muscle under my left eye, on the left side of my nose, tends to start twitching when I get really angry.



This is my visual equivalent of a "fuck you".

ETA: Um, apparently she was just as annoyed as me, because I heard a bunch of door slamming and when I went downstairs to check and see if my dryer load was done (OF COURSE NOT), her laundry was gone. I figure she went to the laundromat. *Shrug* Well I’ve already had a few sips of wine, so I’m starting to feel better. I am totally not doing a little victory dance or anything. Um. Nope. >.>



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