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So someone I know on Ravelry (not a close friend, just someone I know through the boards) started her own online knitting store, Tightly Wound. And as a show of solidarity (and because she’s very reasonably priced), I bought a couple things. No, really, just a couple. ;D And I got the package today! So pics for you. X3


My goodies!



This is an accessories pouch (for knitting notions like stitch markers, a small pair of scissors, crochet hook for dropped stitches, measuring tape, etc)



This is a small project bag, perfect for taking a pair of socks or something else small and portable around. Also doubles as a purse in emergencies. ;D



Shibui sock yarn. I bought this because I don't have any bright greens for doll knitting, plus there were so many beautiful sock yarns that I had to buy at least one! Also some Eucalan, which is a no-rinse wash I use for blocking. That tiny bottle goes a long way.



Yes, I seriously do this with yarn.



I am very happy. ❤


I already packed a project in the project bag to take to work with me, as I had a Dr’s Appointment tomorrow and I always end up waiting like half an hour at their office before being seen, so I might as well spend it knitting. ;D Also I wanna show off my awesome bag to my coworkers.

Oh, and if you’re on Ravelry and join the Tightly Wound group there, mention my screen name (HiddenTohru) in the Welcome thread, will ya? ;D


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