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Teeny Things

This is a Jayne Hat, from the show Firefly.

It's about four inches in circumference.

This is an acorn hat.

I think it turned out rather well.

And of course, here's me.

I'm in a really good mood today.

Doll knitting is so cool, you guys. I’ve always been obsessed with miniature things, and doll knitting is no exception. Yeah, that acorn hat is the same one I had on my thumb, and the Jayne hat is what I was working on in yesterday’s photos. I really like making tiny little things.

They’re not really difficult, either. You just have to use really small needles and really small yarn. Sharp needles are better than blunt, too. And a willingness to make your own patterns up as you go along, since human-sized stuff isn’t right, proportionately (dolls almost always have much bigger heads on their bodies than humans). It’s kind of intense, but fun. I really enjoy it.

Now to get to blocking these little hats, so I can send them out tomorrow!


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