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Guys guys guess what I made?

It's a toe! Of a sock!

Yeah, it doesn’t look much like anything but a weird shaped thing, but I promise, it really is a sock toe. I am knitting my very first pair of socks, my friends, and I am SO excited about it. I have let the size of my feet (women’s 15, if anyone forgot) intimidate me from sock knitting FOR TOO LONG. Now, I am finally knitting my first pair of socks. And they will be GLORIOUS.

ETA: I ordered a couple more pairs of shoes from Barefoot Tess last week, two of the pairs are definitely sock shoes (the ones I ordered last time are flats that can be worn sans socks, if so desired), and I am so excited that I am gonna have an awesome pair of socks in a couple weeks to wear with them!


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