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Shoes Redux

So today, because I signed the little slip of paper they left on my building’s door last night, FedEx left me a gift box full of SHOES (from Barefoot Tess, of course). And you all know what that means. ;D Shoe pictures!!!

My kitty thought he would help me take the pictures. That's partly why I'm posting so late. XD

Number One! Fleece-lined cloth Mary Jane-style flats. They're so comfortable I could probably sleep in them.

This is one of the pairs I considered for my first order, but decided to wait on. And oh man, I wish I’d ordered a second pair. They are SO comfortable. I ordered these and the grey ones a size big so I could wear them with socks, but now I don’t want to wear them with socks! XD

Number Two! You may think you've seen them before, but the pair I ordered the first time were denim, and these are leather. Soft, buttery leather. Mmmmm...

So I may or may not have mentioned it when I got the black denim ones, but right after I ordered them, the site updated with a new color in that style. They were plaid, and I went “WANT” as soon as I saw them. At first I was sad, because they only went up to 14, except lo and behold, this brand (Blowfish) is actually quite big on me (the Barefoot Tess brand, by contrast, is small on me), so 14 is the right size. When the sale came and I decided to order some more, I naturally ordered the plaid ones right away! Sadly, they had sold out earlier in the day and hadn’t had a chance to update their quantities, and so I was emailed the following day and informed of this. They asked me if I wanted to substitute another pair or get a refund, and I opted to get the black leather shoes. I am still a little sad about the plaid, but these are also awesome, so it’s a nice consolation prize (and they were very nice about the whole thing).

Number Three! Same as the red ones, but one size smaller. Fit perfectly, and adorable to boot.

There’s one reason and one reason only that I didn’t return the red ones and get a smaller size. Namely, they were sold out. And I was so thrilled to have red shoes that I didn’t want to let them go. So now they have heel pads in them (which gives my foot enough grip that I can walk in them okay), and I ordered these babies a size smaller. If they ever restock the red ones (not likely, I don’t think), I may buy a size smaller and sell mine on eBay or something, but until then, I have them both.

Number Four! As comfortable as they look. Definitely not work shoes, more like "lounging around at home" or "going to the store" shoes, very comfy and cute.

These are the other pair I bought in 15 so that I could wear them with socks, and I foresee a lot of wearing them with socks this winter. They’re comfy as well, but not as comfy as the fleece-lined ones. I’d love these in a darker color (not necessarily black, but anything that’s not baby blue or pink), but c’est la vie.

The fleece-lined ones also come in khaki, so that may be next on my list (sooooo comfortable). Unfortunately, winter apparently means boots (at least in Barefoot Tess World), so I won’t be able to buy cute shoes again until next spring. Boots and I have a bad history, and while I’m willing to gamble $50 that a pair of shoes will fit me, I’m not so willing to gamble three times that, plus shipping (which I’d have to pay to send them back). Ah, well. Maybe someday I can actually go to their store in person and try some boots on (only if I’m already in the area, of course). Until then, my flats will do me just fine.

Oh, and lest I forget, I had another small package awaiting me when I arrived home today. My best friend, who is currently studying in England (because she is awesomely smart and talented), bought me a couple things off my Amazon.com wishlist, due to a certain event coming up this Friday. She bought me The Gift of Fear, which is a great book about how you should trust your intuition when it comes to keeping yourself safe from violence (of all kinds), and Dark Hope, which is an amazing CD of popular (rock/indie/whatever) music, sung by my favorite opera singer, Renee Fleming. Oh guys, I’ve already listened to it, and it is truly amazing. And no, she doesn’t sound like an opera singer attempting to sing cool stuff, she sounds amazing. I highly recommend it to everyone. And I adore them both and I thanked her profusely on instant messenger. ❤

And that is all I have to say tonight. Good night!


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