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Hair, Socks, Knitting

Another day, another smile.

After years of trying, I've finally mastered the art of using knitting needles to put my hair up!

Speaking of knitting, CHECK OUT MY SOCK!

Those are plastic size 7 double pointed needles in my hair. XD I just tried them on a whim yesterday afternoon and they’ve been working great. They start to slip after about half an hour and sometimes I have to take them out and re-adjust, but overall they work, which is nice. They’d probably work even better if my hair wasn’t so soft and slippery. XD

Yes, that is a sock meant for my foot. I’ve just started the heel and still have quite a bit to go on that before starting the leg portion. Yes, it is indeed huge. My feet are huge. XD It’s 9.5 inches long, and I am very glad I bought a second skein of the yarn, because there’s no way in hell I would’ve been able to get two socks for myself out of one. More than half the yarn is gone from the first skein just for the foot! There will be enough to make at least a couple inches of leg, though not much longer than that. XD I would have to buy a third skein to make higher socks!

Oh, and I have a temp job starting tomorrow! I am very excited, money was just starting to get very tight, so it was JUST in time. And one of the people who works at my temp agency is even going to meet me there to introduce me to the people, which is always nice (I think he’s a new hire and is trying to make a good impression on them, or me).

Anywho, back to my Dragon Age. Time to go find Sten’s sword!


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Knitting Redux!

Better pics of my new hat in action!

I don't have bangs because they annoy me, so I can't do that cute "let bangs stay out in front" thing, but I still think it looks pretty good.

My hair is wet in these photos because I just got out of the shower an hour ago (I let it air dry). It will look better when it’s dry, for sure.

Today I am going to dedicate to finishing the few things I have left to do for grad school applications. Mostly just filling out the forms, I couldn’t include some info because I didn’t have it earlier.

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I Love Knitting

This is my new beret.

I honestly don't know if it actually looks good on me, but I like it.

Yep, that’s the same hat I was working on last night. Although in general I do prefer making things on small needles, every once in a while it’s nice to pull out the size 13s and the bulky yarn and make something I can finish in six hours. Now I am going to make some adorable armwarmers with some beautiful purple sock yarn I have.

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Another knitted object in progress.

I'll finish this tonight, it's chunky yarn on big needles.

Didn’t do anything of note today. Hopefully I will have a blog post tomorrow.

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Home Sweet Home

I have had a very long day.

In a few minutes I am going to go collapse into bed.

A very long drive home from North Carolina to Cincinnati, especially since my GPS decided to take me down the back roads of Ohio for the last stretch (instead of taking the interstates through Kentucky and then up to Cincinnati, it went up into rural Ohio and used state routes that were twisty and windy and unknown to me). When I got home, the neighbor who’d been watching my cat wasn’t home, so I ended up calling my landlords to come let me in, and since they live far away I ended up unpacking my car into the hallway while waiting for them. My kitty was VERY happy to see me (and still is). There was a lot of purring and head-butting. ❤

There’s a lot more I could say, but I am very tired and I still need to make my bed, so. Good night!

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I look rather nice, don't I?

I feel good about myself, which is necessary for the impending meal tonight.

Yesterday I already endured one comment about my weight from my dad’s wife’s mother. It upset me, not because of the comment itself, but her rudeness. I barely know this woman, have met her maybe five times since her daughter and my father got married, and yet she thinks it’s okay to make such a comment to me. Luckily the puppies were utterly adorable and I had some knitting to keep me calm, and thus I managed to avoid saying anything nasty to her in response.

Today, I intend to bring my knitting again, and take an anti-anxiety pill before we go, just to take the edge off. The likelihood is that I won’t need to talk to anyone about anything anyway, since most of them don’t really care about me, and I’m fine with that. I’m going to eat and knit and snorgle puppies and that’s all. I would dearly love to be able to spend time with my father by himself, but that’s not going to happen. So I will endure, and I will enjoy the food, and I will put everything else out of my mind.

Yesterday, while I was driving to my father’s house, I started practicing my Staircase Wit. This video should enlighten you. The basic idea being, that all those times you think of something perfect to say ten minutes after the fact, if you just had a stock of one liners that you’d practiced, you wouldn’t have to regret them anymore.

Since the majority of people who comment on my weight do so by making animal noises at me, either mooing or oinking, I decided to think up my own special line for those situations. “I may be a cow/pig, but at least I’m not an ass.” I’m rather proud of it, and practiced saying it out loud in the car. I’m also fond of “No, but the night is young” as a response to “are you pregnant?” (from the video) and “Fuck off!” if I get a driveby “fatass” comment. As a performer, I’m no stranger to practice, and it seems like so many people want to be clever without bothering to put the work in. Yeah, some people can just think that fast. But for those of us who require a few more moments of calculating to make the perfect comeback, practice is essential. I, personally, tend to trip over my words a bit when I’m especially vehement about a subject (angry, afraid, passionate, whatever the main emotion is that’s got me riled up). Practicing my comebacks makes me feel more confident that I won’t do that, because hopefully it’ll be so automatic I won’t have time to trip over it before it’s out of my mouth.

I don’t intend to put any of my comebacks to use today. As I said, I’m just there to eat, drink, and snorgle adorable puppies until I am half-blind with puppy bliss (I love puppies in the way some people love babies, whole-heartedly and with a constant refrain of “I want one!”). Although, if anyone says something to me about having “such a pretty face, but…” , I think I’ll know exactly what to say. ;D

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Check out my hat, guys!

Obviously, it's not finished yet.

I am just knitting it out of leftover yellow and red yarn I had lying around. I’m not sure if I’m going to keep it, it’s a bit tight on me, but I wanted to use up the yarn and it is definitely accomplishing that, so. XD

Many pupperfaces were snorgled today, but unfortunately I don’t have photos yet because I am posting this from a laptop not my own. And I am very tired and need sleep. Later!

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I am very hot and tired now.

This is my mom's other dog, Gracie the mutt.

If you’re wondering, the reason why I’m hot and tired is because I just took both puppies for a long walk. These two dogs, while willing to coexist in the house, are not allowed to go outside together, so I had to take them on separate walks. Which is a lot of walking, dang it! XD At least they’re nice and tired now, so I can do some more stuff in peace (they were sedate this morning, but around noon they started getting antsy).

I still have to bake muffins and finish out my laundry (about four loads left, plus one load to dry). Hopefully I will be close to done when my mom gets home, I don’t want her to come home to a big mess!

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This is the Saki doggie.

She is my mom's Boston Terrier.

I am way. WAY too tired to write anything. I almost forgot to post. Good night.

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Chop chop

I am tired and a bit stressed.

I was baby-talking to my kitty in this one. ❤

I am leaving my apartment early tomorrow morning, to drive down to North Carolina to see my family for Thanksgiving. And, of course, I still have packing to do, and I need to go to sleep within the next hour so I get a decent amount of sleep (I want to leave pretty early), so no time for a post. XD

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