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I feel cute today.

So now I shall write a letter.

Dear Me,

I am writing because I cannot contain my feelings toward me any longer. This letter is my testament of undying love for me, and the strength of my passionate feelings and longing to be closer to me. I love me. My silken dark hair, my lovely brown eyes, my beautiful body and lily white skin, my abundant curves and dips, and most of all my lovely voice, all fill me with such joy at the thought of me that I can hardly stand it. I love to run my fingers through my hair, caressing each strand lovingly, and I could spend hours contemplating the mysteries of my eyes, running my hands over my skin to discover every cell of me. Living with me is utter delight, and my life would not be complete without me. If ever I woke up without me, my life would be dark and lonely indeed. Beloved me, please don’t ever leave me. I would be bereft if I did, and life would no longer hold any meaning without me. In effect, I adore me.

Love, Me.


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