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Snow Day!

I feel pretty good right about now. X3

The pizza and beer might have something to do with it. >.>

So today it snowed, the first big snow of the season here. It snowed a tiny bit last week, but none of it stuck. Today it’s been accumulating, which is nice. I like it when everything is covered in snow, although I don’t actually like going out in the snow very much. I tend to get asthma attacks more easily in cold, so even playing in it isn’t always fun in the long run. And I hate getting wet, so walking in snow is only a little bit fun.

The good news is, I got my new winter coat today! My mother bought it for me as an early Christmas present, because I’d complained about the ratty old red jacket I’ve been using for the past two winters. It’s not very warm and it’s falling apart, and since I’ve been having to walk to work this week (downtown parking is very scarce, so the lot they put me in was several blocks away from the building) and it’s been very cold, I’m grateful for the new jacket. I had to go out and run errands today (food and gas), and I got to test it in the snow. It was beautifully warm and cozy, although I forgot about the weirdness that is sewn pockets in coats and had cold hands while pumping my gas. That reminds me, I should take my scissors to those before I go to work on Monday.

At any rate, tonight I’m going to do some knitting and watch some more TV. Tomorrow, I clean. My apartment is a cluttered mess and very much needs it.


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