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Another Monday

Today was kind of a long day.

And annoying. Did I mention annoying?

Hopefully tomorrow will be better. There’s a slim chance that the guy who’s supposed to have come and switched out the scanners today might come do it tomorrow. Otherwise I get to lug tons of paperwork all over the office again. On the plus side, everyone adored the muffins, and I made so many there are plenty for tomorrow as well. XD So I put them in the fridge at work and will bring the tupperware container home tomorrow. Hopefully it will be almost empty by then, although I don’t mind bringing three or four muffins home with me.

I did forget to put deodorant on this morning, which was kind of embarrassing. Not because I smelled (I find that I actually rarely smell strongly on days I don’t wear deodorant) but because I had huge sweat stains under my pits. I didn’t smell hardly at all, but I definitely sweated a ton. XD So yeah, antiperspirant is my friend. It was sooooooooooo cold today, though. x.x It was 19 degrees. And windy. It’s not so bad when you only have to make a dash from a parking space to the door, but walking three and a half blocks in that kind of weather is definitely not fun. Especially when you don’t have any long-sleeves shirts or sweaters to wear under your wool coat! Oh, poor me. XD

Anyway, I am going to work on my sock a bit and then go to bed.


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