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Early Morning

Fresh out of the shower.

I have actually been awake since around 9:30, on weekends I simply feel much lazier about showering right after waking, so I waited a bit. Now I am fresh and clean and I’m making a list of errands. I have to go to Kinkos to fax a couple things, then to the post office to drop off some Netflix envelopes, and then to the grocery store for a couple essentials (cereal, milk, shampoo and body wash).

I’ve been thinking lately about the lack of actual blogging on this blog. XD Most of that is because of being tired by the time I get off work, certainly, but there are plenty of bloggers who work full time and still manage to blog with some regularity. I honestly never expected to be able to write a whole blog post every single day when I started this blog, but at least one or two real posts a week would be ideal. So I’m going to try to start making real blog posts on weekends. If I can manage a good post on the weekend and then another sometime during the week, I will count myself a success.

So, expect a real blog post tomorrow, as today I must go and run my errands. XD


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