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Christmas Eve

I was trying to make a funny face, but I blinked.

And when I saw how it turned out, I had to laugh.

So for those of you who celebrate it, regardless of the circumstances (religious, secular, whatever), I wish you a Merry Christmas.

When I was growing up, Christmas was my very favorite holiday. In recent years, it hasn’t been as happy as I would like, mostly for various reasons out of my immediate control. It is worth stating, though, that when you live alone, and don’t have a lot of local friends who also live alone, there isn’t much chance for celebration on the actual day. Christmas is, by and large, about family. And when your family is far away, and all your local friends spend the day with their families, it can be really lonely.

That having been said, I’m pretty happy tonight. Despite physical factors (the cold, my period starting), I feel all right. And tomorrow I am going to drive down to West Virginia to meet my mother. She’s bringing Christmas dinner, and I’m bringing some wine, and we’re going to spend the whole day together, and then the night at a hotel, and then some of the next day before we both head home again. Because she’s just awesome like that, and could tell I was so sad at the idea of spending Christmas alone, that she decided we should just meet halfway. She’s a pretty awesome mom, and I’m really thankful for her. She’s one of the best presents I ever got, just by being born.

And I’m grateful for the other presents I’ve gotten, too. My friend Eva sent me a tin full of delicious baked goods, which are almost all gone already. XD And my best friend told me she’d play a Christmas Bingo card for me tonight (that’s her family’s annual tradition, and I was so hoping I would get to go down there and see her, since she’s in England studying this year), which is also happy-making. And really, I have some awesome friends and family. And most of my sad this time of year is not getting to see them all, but they’re also what makes my life so full of happiness, so I think that’s a pretty good trade-off.

I feel grateful that I have a little apartment that is entirely mine. I have a kitty who is my beloved Purrmeister (that’s one of his many nicknames). I have friends all over the place, and family who love me and are willing to see me and talk with me. I have warmth, and love, and enough to get by, and that’s all that really matters right now.

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night. ❤


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