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Alien Fantasy

I'm quite tired today. I may go to bed by 9 tonight.

So I’ve been working on plotting out this grand novel that’s taken up residence in my head lately. The most intriguing part for me has been working on the alien language. Honestly, it’s mostly just made up of random sounds I make and then think sound cool, but still, I’m trying to keep it fairly consistent. Here’s a few words and phrases I’ve come up with so far:

Shuaranik – Beloved People. The word the aliens use for their own race. Shuar is “beloved” and anik is “people” or “ones” or “race” (depending on context).

Tireth – Darkness. The aliens think of darkness as a beautiful, nurturing thing, not as a scary or bad thing.

Suret – Silence. Again, silence is something to be admired. They don’t like loud noises. XD

Koulas – Strength. This word can also mean “headstrong” or “stubborn” in certain contexts.

Fureen – Brilliance. Brilliance is the idea behind this word, but the literal translation would be more like “gleaming” or “lustrous”. Think of the gentle glow of phosphorescent moss, rather than metal shining in the sun.

Selis – Knowledge. This word does not mean “intelligence”, just pure knowledge, or “book learning”, to be blunt. A library could be described with this word, but a person usually wouldn’t be.

Pukaranik – Lost Ones. Pukar is “lost” and anik is same as above. “Pukar” has various undertones of “accident” and “left behind”.

Tuajanik – Betrayed Ones. Tuaj is “betrayed”. “Tuaj” is an extremely negative word, not to be used lightly.

Torek batto, Shuaranik. Miraj etal. Miraj etal. – “Go home, Beloved People. Leave us be. Leave us be.” The central phrase in a much longer chant, used by those who want the aliens gone for good. They use the alien’s word for themselves so there won’t be any confusion who they’re referring to, but there’s absolutely no love lost between the two groups. The most militant use “Shuaranik” as an insult, but this is not a widespread practice. When spoken, the repeated phrase is elided enough that it sounds like one word, but it is not.

Tireth Shuar – Beloved Darkness. In this language, modifiers are placed after the noun, except when combined into one word. Therefore, Shuartireth would be “Beloved Darkness” as well.

I’m really just making this up as I go along, which means there may be some contradictory things, but I’m trying to be somewhat consistent. XD We’ll see what happens.


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