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Day o’ the Moon

I am exhausted today.

I hope tomorrow is a bit better.

Nothing specific exhausted me, it was just overall Monday bleghs. I have a couple links I want to share from LJ.

On The Ease of Decision-Making – As usual, Ferrett hits it out of the park. This is a great post about how a decision that can be gut-wrenching and heart-breaking to you can be seen by someone else as a simple one that must’ve not taken much effort on your part.

I Do Too – A great entry by someone I’ve just begun reading lately, a bit of a polyamory guru. It’s about how people assume that anyone in a poly set of relationships isn’t interested in building life-long connections, which is just bullshit.

Love Doesn’t Halve, It Doubles – Another great post by the same “poly guru” as above, where she talks about how people don’t have a finite amount of love to give, and every gift of love is unique to the person to whom it’s given.


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Day o’ the Sun

Back from my whirlwind tour of Peebles. XD

I drove out to rural Ohio this weekend to hang with two friends I haven’t seen pretty much since I started dating Boyfriend, and it was really nice. I always feel comfortable at their houses, sort of like if I was spending the weekend at home except with people instead of alone. We didn’t do a whole lot of note, there were movies and video games and a lot of knitting on my part, but otherwise it was very much the kind of thing that is fun to do but boring to read about. XD Of course, Boyfriend and I had a long talk on Saturday night which was just lovely and made me all giddy and doe-eyed (much to the chagrin of my poor friend, although she takes it in good stride). And now I am tired and must prepare for another long work week, but with the promise of a very fun weekend at the end of it (and my first full two week paycheck!) so that should keep me going just fine.

On the whole, even though I do still have some ups and downs (simply because that’s who I am, and while anti-depressants make things more balanced my emotions still run on a roller-coaster, just a much smaller one), I really enjoy my life how it is now. I am in a good place, with good people on my side. And there’s not much more I can ask for than that. ❤

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Running off to see friends today, so have a quick pre-shower pic.

I’m driving out to rural Ohio today to see a couple friends I haven’t seen in a long time (um, since I started dating Boyfriend), since Boyfriend is busy this weekend and I felt like I needed some human companionship. I can’t go a month and a half having plans every weekend and suddenly go back to not seeing anyone, it is too jarring. XD So there will be much hanging out, knitting, doll talk, and possibly a movie or two. ;D Hooray!

Now it’s time to shower. Gotta do some dishes before I leave too.

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Random Listy

Talking to people over the phone tonight. Very very tired.

Things I Learned From My Father:

1. Always carry your own pen, and, when possible, pad of paper.
2. The newest technology may be totally awesome, but if you wait a bit, it’ll get better AND cheaper.
3. You can work as hard as you can or you can make time for your family, but you can’t do both.
4. At times it is totally necessary to swear like a sailor.
5. Share your opinions, and don’t let people give you shit about them.

Yep. Randomly came up with that list the other day.

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Oi vey. For real.


Today was mildly frustrating. And I forgot to post again yesterday. I am mad at myself. XP Blargh. That’s all.

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Another Night

Chatting on the phone with my guy.

Not much to say, just working on my sock and watching Daria some more. Chatting on the phone with my guy, who I miss. ❤

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The finished first sock, and the very beginning of the toe of the second sock.

Yes, that's the sock on my head. XD

I have been doing a LOT of knitting lately, which is good. X3 Now I’ve finally started my second sock (it only took me two weeks after finishing the first one) and it’ll be the height of summer when I finish THAT. XD But that’s okay. It’ll give me more time to get the second pair started before winter comes back!

… Did I mention that I do this because I love it? Because I really, really do. ;D

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