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My latest project, with some "test yarn" from my favorite yarn store.


My favorite yarn store, BTW, is Tightly Wound Yarn. I did a write-up of the first package I got from there a while back (right after it opened) and it is still totally awesome.

Several months ago I made plans to knit this amazing scarf, but I also had to buy the pattern. And since Andrea (the shop owner) has the pattern book AND the perfect yarn for sale, I asked her advice. She convinced me to buy a skein of sky blue and one of orange, which is unusual for me, but it’s just that kind of pattern. Of course, I didn’t have the money, for a LONG time. Now, since I finally got offered the job I’ve been temping at for the past two months, I decided to splurge a little bit and buy those things. ❤ So I will, of course, post once I a) have the package and b) have knitted the scarf.

The current project is a skirt (possibly a dress but not sure if I have enough yarn) for my newest doll, who is actually currently off getting fixed up. XD I am thinking I might match it with some neutral color (white/brown) to finish it if it doesn’t end up being enough for the whole dress. Worst case I have to rip it out. Yarn can handle it! XD

Anywho, off to finish my laundry. Can’t go to sleep until it is, because I’m washing my blankets (I only have two and in the winter I need both to keep warm).


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