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Mixed Nuts

Loooooooong day.

So today was, overall, a good day. But it was one of those days with a pall cast over it, because for some reason my alarm didn’t go off this morning. So instead of waking up at 7:30, taking a hot shower, having cereal and ambling to work by 8:55, I woke up at 9:05, cursed profusely while throwing on clothes, dragging a brush through my hair and running out the door, and barely made it to my New Employee Orientation on time (9:30), unwashed and unfed.

I HATE not taking a shower in the morning. It makes me feel disgusting and unfocused all day long. Luckily the orientation was very easy and didn’t require much brainpower (it was all easy to understand and remember things, and filling out my name, SS# and address fifty times) so I didn’t feel completely awful, but it threw my entire day off. Orientation was finished just before lunch, so I rushed upstairs, apologized to my supervisor, and promised to take a half hour lunch to compensate for the half hour I was late, which she said was fine (she was, in fact, very gracious about it).

Unfortunately I was very distracted all day, and didn’t get nearly as much done as I had hoped, but I did my best. Then, after work, I drove up north a bit and met with a new friend, a girl I met online through my boyfriend. We had coffee (well I had hot chocolate since I don’t like the taste of coffee and she had coffee) and talked for two hours, and it was a lot of fun. ❤ I am hoping it’s the beginning of a new friendship. She is really neat and we talked about tons of stuff, ranging from animals to language studies, working with autistic kids and musicals, so it was really cool. And she is totally awesome (and pretty hot, wooo) so yeah. A fun time was had by all, I think (I can’t speak for her, but definitely by me).

Then I stopped and got some gas on the way home because the gas up where we met is like eight cents cheaper than gas around where I live, and then I finally came home and stripped and put myself in my PJs and ate leftover pizza (that dark spot is where the garlic sauce dripped on my shirt) and NOW I am going to bed. XD And I turned the volume ALL THE WAY UP on my phone, so hopefully tomorrow I won’t be late again!

And that is all. GOOD NIGHT!!! XD


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